Yoda is a Star Wars Character and the Grand Master of the Jedi Order


He was seen in a Jedi High Council meeting and told Anakin Skywalker to get out. He was assigned to fight Darth Maul. At Qui Gon Jinn's funeral, he said there are 2 sith: a master and his student. When Darth Maul came, Yoda said he was lucky to be alive. 10 years later, he was witnessed Padme Amidala ask for another jedi to protect her. Later, he told Obi Wan to bring Jango Fett into questioning. Yoda refused to help Obi Wan because he is busy sitting on a cushion. Later, he destroyed Count Dooku's ship and went to the Senate to watch Mace Windu say they destroyed thee Death Star plans. 3 years later, he laughed when Anakin asked to be on the Jedi Council. He later watched Anakin say that Palpatine was a sith. Anakin mentioned that all the Jedi lived. 19 years later, he scolded Obi Wan for letting Darth Vader beat him and asked him what'll he do now and said he'll go crazy. Obi Wan's spirit told him to get over himself. 3 years later, Obi Wan said maybe he shouldn't have let Luke Skywalker go because he was the last trained jedi. Yoda then angrily said being cut in half and getting killed for no reason, Obi Wan shouldn't have left him. A year later, Yoda's spirit visited Anakin's spirit. Then, Anakin turned into his 22 year old self, which made Yoda tell him to change back. Then he turned into his 9 year old self, which made him more annoyed. Yoda said it was awkward when the spirits of the younglings Anakin killed in 19 BBY (Liam, Sors Bandeam, Ashla, Jeswi Ele, Shia Letup, Saylind Donels, Chian and other younglings) came to visit. 30 years later, he was annoyed when he yelled that he had a grandson.


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