The princess got separated from her companions in a storm and found a castle and knocked on the door but she was refused by the prince who said that only real princesses could come in. She knocked again and said she's a true princess and was accepted by the queen. She sat near the fire, and later, at bedtime, she couldn't sleep because the bed was uncomfortable and she thinks a rock was at the bottom. The next morning, she dragged herself down and said she didn't sleep well. She then discovered that there was a pea under the bed and if she could feel the pea, then she's a true princess and now she'd marry the prince. The princess was very angry and scolded the queen and prince angrily saying that they only accepted her in to test her. She packed her bags and left, to their horror. The ending states she found another prince who was nicer than the first. She lived happily ever after and never ate peas.


the princess and the pea

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