The Lego HISHE is a stop-motion video that shows what happens after the Lego Movie.


Ten seconds after the Lego Movie, Superman asks Batman what went wrong because they are superheroes and master builders. Batman says he doesn't follow. Superman talks about how he and most of the master builders were captured by Bad Cop,and starts complaining because he was pinned to the ground by a piece of gum. Batman says it must have been kryptonite gum,and Superman said he should have broken free of the gum and stopped Bad Cop. Batman asks why he didn't do it,Superman replies by saying that some superheroes (wonder woman,michelangelo,gandalf,and dumbledore)were taken down like they have no powers. Green Lantern arrives and says the superheroes were misrepresented. Batman tells Superman that Superman is jealous(because he didn't get to help him stop lord buisness). Superman says Emmet is the hero and is leading the charge against the Duplos. Emmet smashes a Duplo and stops to say hello to them. Batman says that Superman is “jelly”,and starts chanting and Superman leaves. Batman yells “try to not step in any gum”. The credits roll while Batman is singing a parody of everything is awesome called everything is Batman.