This short starts with Superman and Batman going "WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAT!" after they heard about Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. Then Superman asks questions wondering about if there will be a cafe, and what's the premise, and Batman says that it's a versus movie. The he says the the movie should actually be called The Dark Knight Rises...Again... And Then Beats Up Superman. Superman then says that it should be called-Man of Steel: The Punch From Space That Exploded Batman's Internal Organs, then Batman says ...Or Did It? Superman then claims that he can wipe Batman out "like a meteor to some dinosaurs". So he renames it Man of Steel: Total Pwnage, then Batman again adds to that by saying Or Because He's Batman. Then Superman challenges Batman to punch him in the face and see if he blinks. Batman says "Man of Steel...was not inspiring. Superman blinks. Then of course "Ha, you blinked. Peace, I'm out. I'm BATMAN!!!!!"


Superman's made-up title

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