Super Café Super Social Network

Super Café Super Social Network

Super Café: Super Social Network is the 72nd episode of How it Should Have Ended. It is apart of the featured segment called, Super Café.


Batman and Supes review the finer points of social media while hanging out in their favorite café.


Super tweeting

Superman posting an update.

In the Super Café, Batman and Superman do the usual..."siting and talking". Superman is posting a tweet, causing Batman to comment on Superman's frequent status updates. Batman say Superman is coming across as "arrogant", with his tweets. Superman is flabbergasted and insist to what he means by "arrogant". Batman pulls out his Bat-Phone, and looks up Superman's profile. Reading aloud all his twitter comments, which all say: "JUST SAVED THE DAY!". As he scrolls down, another tweet is posted with the same message. Superman replies that he just saved some citizens while Batman read his tweeter feed. Batman says Superman's tweets are flooding everyone's updates with the same message. He ask him if he could start posting tweets less frequently from now on. Superman says he can't "tone down" the earth constantly needing his help, even if he tried. Batman tells him that he should maybe stop posting his victories online all time and that some people may take it the wrong way. Superman implies that Batman may be jealous of his frequent escapade. Batman quickly responds that his updates are "AWESOME", and shows Superman his phone. All the comments on the phone read, "I'M BATMAN!". Superman says that his tweets are a debatable definition of awesome and ask how are his updates are any different then Batman's, both seeming arrogant. Batman answers that his updates are "The Truth".
Batman's tweets

Batman's updates.

Superman tells him that his updates are the truth too, that he saves the day. And says that he'll probably saves the day tomorrow. Batman snarks that he'll be Batman tomorrow and decides to tweet "I'M BATMAN"...again. Superman frowns and suggest that Batman started the whole conversation just to say his signature line. Batman thinks that superman is right and takes a sip of his coffee.

Green Lantern

Green Lantern is angered by the decline of his friend request by Superman and Batman.

After the end credit, Green Lantern appears outside of the Super Café window and insist to know why neither Batman or Superman have not accepted his friend request. Superman comes up with the excuse that they will soon and Batman say "when you make a good movie".