Vital statistics
Real name Edward Nygma
Alias Riddler
Species Human
Production details
First appearance "How The Dark Knight Should Have Ended"

The Riddler (real name Edward "E." Nigma) is a villain from Batman's rogue gallery.

Physical appearance Edit

The Riddler is a tall, but skinny Causasian male with short redish hair. He has a rather long neck along with a huge chin. He wears a green mask to cover his eyes.

Appearance Edit

  • Season 1

How Matrix Should Have Ended

How Saving Private Ryan Should Have Ended

How Star Wars Episode IV Should Have Ended

How Braveheart Should Have Ended

How Seven Should Have Ended

How The Blair Witch Project Should Have Ended

How Lord Of The Rings Should Have Ended

How To Survive An Alien Attack

How Willy Wonka Should Have Ended

How Underworld Should Have Ended

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