He was first seen training the raptors who tried to eat him until he said that he would take them on motorcycle rides. Later, he noticed claw prints from the I-Rex's cage. He told his girlfriend, Claire to call the Jurassic World control room to track the I-Rex because she's missing. Later, after learning the I-Rex is still in her cage, he said she's camouflaging.Later , he ran from the I-Rex to an exit from her cage and locked the door. He gasped in relief. Later, he said no cares the dinosaurs are communicating and shot and killed the I-Rex. He was next seen on his motorcycle saying the raptors won't go back to their cages and he said a field test was a bad idea and it's a good idea to run for their lives and speeded away with a employee saying, "He left us!" Later, he was horrified to see Claire getting killed by the T-Rex and said that he told her that her high heels were embarressing.


how jurassic park should have ended

raptor training

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