He was 1st seen looking up to see who he was going to fight. He saw a lot of jedi and ran away. Later, he told Obi Wan that he had the high ground. He warned Obi Wan not to try to fight him. But when he did, he chopped Obi Wan in half, with Kenobi regretting his decision. Later, Mace Windu wondered who was destroyed and Maul leaped out and said "Master!" and said he's still alive.He said the sith will reveal themselves and have revenge. Palpatine said he didn't know Maul and ran off, with made him annoyed.. Obi Wan asked how he can be still alive and he explained he landed on a bunch of fans. Yoda said he was lucky and everyone else agreed. Then he said "I know right?"


How the phantom menace should have ended

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