He was 1st seen in the parade. He tried to kill another tribute. But then, a robot from district 9 came. he and the other tributes screamed but was silenced and killed in the following explosion. Later, he tried to kill Katneiss by chopping the tree down but decided against it. He agreed to fall asleep at the same time so they won't get on the upper hand and kill another. Later, he found a note taped on some rocks that told them to not look or it takes them. He doesn't know what it means. He then saw the Slender Man in the distance. He screamed and dropped the not. Everyone else escaped, but Marvel was frozen in fear. He was killed by the Slender Man. He was 8th place. Later, Glimmer points out they've lost Marvel. It is shown the hunger games is shown in the Lego world, because on a computer screen Marvel was seen showing the note to the others and was seen dropping the note and got frozen in fear.


How the hunger games should have ended

hunger games bonus

the slender games

lego Batman is jelly [computer screen]

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