She was first seen gasping at the telavision after it said Superman should surrender. She said he sounds serious. She said a priest could help. She escaped with her son, Clark AKA Superman at a corner and her husbend said Clark has to get her to the overpass. She smiled when Clark saved the dog but gasped when her husbend dies from a heart attack. Later, she was kidnapped by Lex Luthur. Superman saved her and asked him if that is the mother of his that Lex threatened to murder in front of his face. Later, Batman said he remembered Superman on the ground crying about his mother. Then, to torture Batman, he told Batman to say his mother's name and Batman said her name was Martha. Then he ran out crying making Wonder Woman confused. Superman explained that their mother's name is similar which Batman cries out about why Superman said her name and Superman said his mother isn't the only Martha in the world. Then he cried that Superman's mom's name is the same as his mom's name but soon he recovered.


how man of steel should have ended

man of steel should have ended

how batman v. superman should have ended