They went away for a walk but Mama advised Papa to lock the door first. Papa then laughed and locked the door and Baby Bear said someone might've eaten their porridge. Mama said no one would dare to break in other people's houses and went away for their walk. Later, Baby Bear said that the Big Bad Wolf had slept in his bed. Mama Bear angrily said that he has a problem keeping out of other people's houses and it is unknown what they did to the wolf and the only hint is the wolf screaming offscreen. Later, he accidently went to their house again when they were eating porridge. They stood angrily at him. Later, the big bad wolf landed on their table and he hoped the story would end. In the theme song of every Fixed Fairy Tales, the bears are seen at their house.


goldiclocks and the 3 bears

the 3 little pigs

little red riding hood

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