His father, Anakin Skywalker told the story of Revenge of the Sith to him and said it ruined a better follow up storyline. Then he laughed while Anakin laughed because he had a family. 19 years later, he asked how his father died which Obi Wan said it's Darth Vader to his surprise. Even more to his surprise, Princess Leia was his twin sister. He fainted after that. Later, Doctor Ezazan told him to watch himself as he's a wanted man and has a death sentence on 12 systems. He asked Obi Wan if he ever saw stormtroopers battle. Luckily, Greedo thinks Ezazan and Ponda Baba are worth a lot of money and took them away. Later, on the Death Star, he fell into a garbage compactor with Han Solo, Chewbacca, and Leia. Then stormtroopers came in and started shooting them while everyone ran frantically for their lives. Later, he watched the rebel plans. Later, as part of the plan, he got on a ship and started flying it. Obi Wan's spirit told him to use the force.Then he watched Stan Lee put a bomb on the Death star. Obi Wan then told him to let go and he let go of the wheel while Kenobi's voice tried to stop him calling him an idiot. The plane crashed and Luke was killed in the incident. Later, he was jealous and even rolled his eyes when Stan Lee got the medal. 3 years later, Palpatine told Vader they had a new enemy, the son of Anakin Skywalker. Vader was surprised he had a son and told the imperials, bounty hunters {whom he asked "who knew I have a son?" to which Boba Fett said yes. Vader was curious and realizes their doing nothing and told them to get back to work}droids, Han Solo in carbonite and hyperspace. Luke was shocked and screamed when he heard it and said Vader cut off his hand. vader told him not to be a baby and he had both hands cut off. Then he asked if Luke would join him to rule the universe. He thought about it and said it sounded good . Then he asked if had to do it from the dark side of the force. Vader said yes and that's how it works. Luke then refuses and attempted to do suicide, only to be saved by Vader. He said Vader was the worst dad ever. A year later, he watched Jabba's room explode and said he wanted them to sneak in one at a time. Luke thought about his sister and Vader said Leia will turn to the dark side to his surprise. He watched Vader run away and tell the others. Palpatine scolded him. Then Vader came and said he killed Padme, Luke's mom, in his anger and it would be impossible to give birth to 2 kids. As revenge for lying to him, Vader killed Palpatine which cost his life. He went and saw Anakin, Yoda and Obi Wan's ghosts and thanked Anakin for returning in a form that he knew him and not another form which he wouldn't have recognized and he didn't know why he would. Luke then said goodbye and went off to join the party. 30 years later, When Kylo Ren attempted to kill Han, he stabbed and killed him. Han screamed in horror and told asked why Luke did that. Luke said he got bored on his island and asked why Han didn't shoot first. Han said it was his son. Luke said that he was going to kill him and he knew because he senses when his friends are in danger and it's his hobbie. Later, Luke revealed himself to Rey and put his hood off and said she's beautiful. Rey was insulted and said they might be related. Luke said that never bothered him an which made an annoyed leave the island. Later, in Finn's imagination of what would happen if Kylo Ren had tracked down Luke, Luke beat him up and killed all his stormtrooper except one who attempted to kill him but Luke killed him instead and told Kylo Ren to say uncle but he called for his grandfather instead who said he was on Luke's side now and gave him a fist bump and Luke thanks him. Then Luke dragged Kylo Ren to his parents who Luke thinks will ground him forever with Kylo Ren saying he hated him. Then Poe said even if Luke beat up Kylo Ren, they still blew up Starkiller Base, which isn't a problem Luke would've solved. In a flashback, Luke was seen riding around Starkiller Base right when it exploded.


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