Early Life

Loki was the son of Laufey King of the Frost Giants on Jotenheim. He was small for a frost giant and left to die in a temple as a baby. Odin found him and rescued him taking him back to Asgard and making his appearance that of an Asgardian raising him as his son with the hope of bring about a permanent peace between the Asgardians and Jotens through him. Loki was raised an trained with Asgardian customs and morals, Odin always showed favour to Thor causing Loki to become jealous. Loki was never told of his true heritage and grew up alongside Thor believing he was Odin's trueborn son, he did not take the revelation that he wasn't well.


How Thor should have ended

Rather than stopping Loki and saving Jotenheim Thor decides to stay on Earth with Jane. Loki then informs a newly woken Odin that he has detroyed Jotenheim while he was sleeping. Odin quickly proceeds to banish Loki sending him through a portal taking his power (helmet and spear) before denouncing him as an 'ice giant'.

How The Avengers should have ended

Upon meeting Thor battles Captain America and Iron Man ultimately reaching a stalemate. Afterwards they question why Loki had simply been watching and made no move to escape while they were fighting. Loki responds that he'll never tell laughing and causing the three heroes to decide not to take him back to base as he is definitely up to something. He is seen being beaten by Hulk in the Battle of Manhatten.

How Thor The Dark World Should Have Ended

Loki sits in the villain pub with the Joker and Zod complaining on how his plan to overthrow Asgard was ruined. Malekith enters angry at Loki for hogging his spotlight to which Loki points out that he was foiled by "two human scientists and two brainless interns carrying nothing but tripods", he denounces Malekith as an ametuer and Malekith leaves. Her, the Joker and Zod discuss different strategies until Zod points out that if Loki had been a good child Odin probably would have given him the throne since Thor no longer want it to which Loki points out that if Zod had colonised Mars he could have saved his entire race. Finally Loki notes that he likes the Villain pub and asks what it is called, this is the first reveal of the Villain Pubs name. How The Avengers: Age of Ultron should have ended

Villain Pub: To the Tailor

Empoper Palpetine orders that Bownser throw out the Mandarin on account of him not being a real villain. As Bownser does so the Mandarin knocks Loki's drink onto his costume annoying Loki. The Joker points out that he can just fix it with magic which Loki does but is still irritated pointing out the complexity of his costume, describing it as the best costume in the Villain pub and completely irriplacable. The Joker and Voldermort then prompt a reluctant Loki to put on his signiture helmet then Voldermort teases him about the Tesseract. Joker then tells Loki to relax and assures him that the helmet is unique and that all villains should have something that represents just them. When the issue of Voldermort getting a new outfit arises Loki agrees that it should at least add a mask as it will help with the fact that he does not have a nose. Voldermort begins a rant about how terrifying he is and Loki makes illusionary Harry Potter Gryffindoor appear all over him to everyone elses amusement.

Villain Pub: The New Smile

Loki along with just about everyone else in the Villain pub is disgusted by his new look and tells him to turn back. The Joker replies he can't since he shavd his eyebrows. Loki points out he should have some dignity. When the topic of 'My So Called Life' comes up Loki says it is on netflix, Voldermort later goes looking for it only to find that Loki lied to him and it is on DVD only much to his aggrivation.

How Suicide Squad should have ended

Loki is sitting with Zod who uestions what's wrong with Joker as he is singing a very sad song on the Karoke, Loki replies he is going through the 'cutting room blues'. He listens while Palpetine questions whether the Suicide Squad are really villains and agrees with Joker, Zod and Voldermort that the real villain in the film was Waller.

Villain Pub: The Boss Battle

Loki is sitting at the bar when Batman bursts in. Loki warns Batman this may be Batman's worst nightmare and joins in the villains attacking Batman donning his helmet for the fight. He creates an illusion of himself holding the Sceptre and when Batman jumps down this disappears and the real Loki stabs him in the back with the spear laughing. However, this turns out to be cardboard cutout of Batman and sneaks up behind Loki snatching his Sceptre and blasting him into the bathroom where he asks Thanos if he's sure he does not want to get in on the fight. Loki watches from the hole in the ceiling when Batman uses Thanos glove to punch the Joker back in time and asks Voldermort if they should stop him. Voldermort replies that in this case they shouldn't and Batman is only stopped by Palpatine leaving the Joker in Heath's Ledger's version. After Batman's defeat Loki watches Batman in the Wineseller of Doom about to be fed to Jaws but leaves when Emporer Palpatine ushers everyone out. He is later seen trying to reset Hal so they can get out the Pub.

The Villain Pub

Loki is a main character in The Villain Pub alongside Joker, Voldermort, Palpatine and Zod. He drinks from a golden goblet.




How Thor Should Have Ended

How the Avengers Should have Ended

How Thor the Dark World Should Have Ended

Villain Pub: To the Tailor

Villain Pub: The New Smile

How Suicide Squad Should Have Ended

Villain Pub: The Boss Battle

How Kong: Skull Island Should Have Ended

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