She was 1st seen running away after seeing Orson Krennic's ship. 13 years later, she was crying at the hologram but galen said he'd never let his own daughter in danger. Jyn was shocked to realize the plans were with Bodhi. Then Cassian came and said they had to go because the place was crumbling. Then Saw gerrera called her back for the plans. He said Jyn had to be more careful. Jyn asked if he was coming and he said no. She said it made no sense because they just got there and ran away. When she saw Galen, she came out and shot tand killed all the Imperials besides him. She told him it's her and they ran away together. Later, Chirrut Imwe said Jyn let him borrow her kyber crystal. Later, Cassian realized they only had a few seconds left to live and were about to kiss when K-2SO came and she said he was smart after finding out how he survived. Then they got on the plane together and left.


how rogue one should have ended

rogue one review

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