Indy appears holding a gun at the officer holding Elsa hostage when rescuing his dad, Henry Jones. Henry tells Indy that Elsa is one of them. Indy asks his father about knowing that, and he responds by saying she talks in her sleep. Indy, horrified, then discovers that Henry and Elsa slept together. Indy then feels queasy and begins to throw up, saying it's disgusting. Later, Indy disguises himself to find the Grail diary and manages to retrieve it. He then bumps into Adolf Hitler, who signs the book and Indy shoots him when he hands it back. Indy laughs, but the whole German army angrily stare at him. Nervous, Indy hums the Indiana Jones theme song and puts on his suit. He flys off with his whip with everyone shooting at him. Later, he drinks from the Grail and tells the Knight that he didn't have to stand guard for over 700 years and could've carved everything on the wall. Horrified, the Knight runs outside and explodes. Indy chucks the Grail to Elsa and the German soldiers and leaves with Henry, Marcus and Sallah. They all cheer with Elsa but step on the seal (having been warned earlier by the Knight) and are killed.

In 1957, Indy is trapped in a city with a bomb about to explode. He hides in a fridge in the last second and the bomb explodes. The fridge is sent flying and lands somewhere in the desert. Indy opens the fridge door and comes out a broken man. With big burns and scars all over his body and face, Indy starts to think he broke every bone in his body before collapsing. Indy suddenly wakes up in hospital, having the worst nightmare. He then sees George Lucas with Steven Spielberg and Mutt Williams. They decide to apologise for filing The Kingdom Of The Crystal Skull while Lucas quietly says he's not. Later, he told Mutt Williams that he and his Marion are the loves of his life which Mutt said "Great going, Pops!" Later, the doctor said he got cancer because he was in a fridge during the bombing. After that, he started having memory loss (telling Mutt he wasn't his son} and they walked away.


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