In the theme song of fixed fairy tales, he can be seen sitting on the castle wall. He sat on a wall and fell off the wall and can't be put back together. Later, he sat back on the wall and the knights informed him it was windy and he realized sitting on a wall was insane and he got down and was crowned "King of Safety." Then, he became too strict and ordered anyone to stop doing anything. The king's horses and men got tired and when he was asleep, they changed his signs. The next day, it was really hot, and one of the signs said that sleeping on a wall was safe. So he sat on the wall and he fell on the ground. But when he landed, he bounced to everyone's confusion. It was revealed that the reason he didn't break was that to be extra safe, he kept himself hard boiled. Later, he danced on the stage and held hands and hugged Little Red Riding Hood and let her play with him and of course, he danced. Captain America watched his performance.


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