'''''How The Fast and the Furious: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe Should Have Ended''''' it's about Dominic Toretto dicovered The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe in the wardrobe Vin Diesel finds Mr. Thomas and he says to Thomas i My name is Dominic Toretto in 35 years old Dominic comes with Thomas and they go have tea in Thomas's house and have Tea and Super and then Thomas says a story that a long time ago there was a witch it was evil but i can't tell you that said Thomas Dominic says i gotta go back see you Mr. Thomas and Thomas says see you soon. Then Dominic Toretto gets out of the Wardrobe and then he tells to Brian O'Conner Letty & Mia Dominic there's no suck thing as Magic says Letty Dominic crys he says why daddy fopo. Then Dominic , Brian , Letty , Mia sleeps in the downstairs bed then they went Outside and they play Dominic & Bian play football and Letty & Mia read a book then in the knight time Dominic got out of bed and he went to the room with the Wardrobe Dominic went in Brian O'Connor got wen Dominic Toretto was gon Brian O'Connor went to the Wardrobe Brian says Dominic were are you Dominic Dominic where are you come out where ever you are then Biran found Narnia then he meats Jadis the White Witch and Brian says who are you i'm Jedis waht's yours Brian O'Conner come sit with me i have sweets Jedis says so look up the mountain that's Narnia Bian says Ho Right Right Then Jedis says Then go go to the next journey with your family next time bring the Others i want to see them if you don't bring them i will be Angry good bye Jedis good bye Brian hope will see eatchother soon again Brian Then when the witch was gong Dominic found Brian O'Conner Dominic says ho Brian you come her to isint it wonerful Brian says weel yea i've heard of Mr. Thomas come on let's go home says Brian then they got home and Dominic says wake up wake up wake up i found Narnia and this time Brain went to Brian says yes Letty & Mia says well good then Johney Tran want to have a word with Letty & Mia Letty says to Johney Tran Sir we do know Dominic does believe in Us then Mia says That's brilliant Johney Johney Tran says go to bed then Dominic , Bian , Letty , Mia went to bed in the knight time then they go up in the Morning they go breakfast then Brian kicked the football out of the window Dominic says it's the Guards run Then Dominic , Bian , Letty , Mia went to the Wardrobe then Letty says in possible Dominic , Brian , Letty , Mia says yes then they meat Aslan and they went for battle for aslan Jedis fight's Brian O'Conner Aslan kills Jedis then Dominic , Brian , Letty , Mia went back home to their own world The End.

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