The Dark Knight

Superman narrates a story but Batman gets annoyed and dons the new Dark Knight Armour. He runs off without answering Superman's question of his new stage voice. In Gotham, Joker shows off his magic trick but is outnumbered by the pencil trick. Joker throws Rachel off the roof but Batman jumps down and saves her. He then refuses to go back and catch Joker, believing everyone to be fine. Batman is shot at by Joker, who runs him over with The Bat-Pod. Batman tells Superman that Joker wasn't killed and Superman bets Gotham loves him. But Batman reveals that Joker had an unbeatable plan and now the city hates him. Superman then asks that if their gonna talk when the Batman Forever villains arrive, and Batman answers 'yes.' Later, Commissioner Gordon can't understand what Two-Face is saying and Two-Face carries on speaking gibberish.