How The Dark Knight Rises Should Have Ended

How The Dark Knight Rises Should Have Ended

The episode opens with Batman standing in front of the Bat. He then asks Catwoman if she wants to know

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secret identity. She guesses Bruce Wayne and Batman gets really confused of how everyone knows that. Catwoman gets impatient and Batman clears his throat and responds, "Maybe." After that, Catwoman traps Batman behind a crate with Bane. Bane reveals Batman's identity but Batman just fires a Bat-Dart at Bane. Batman tells Bane that he was gonna save them for later but changed his mind. Bane tells Batman to do better and Batman fires a heap of darts on Bane, who falls, saying, "Okay. That could do it." In the hospital, John Blake informs Commissioner Gordon of Bane's whereabouts. Angry, Gordon wants every cop in the city down there but Blake tells him that if something bad happens, they would have zero cops left. Amazed, Gordon decides to have the exits blocked and have a SWAT team down there and awards Blake with some tissues.

After being captured by Bane, Lucius Fox is forced to scan his hand for Bane to steal the reactor, but activates the emergency flood. Bane and his henchmen swim away to escape, prompting Fox to say before swimming, "Well get busy swimming or get busy dying." After a truck crash, Talia Al Ghul dies and Commissioner Gordon repeats, "Worst death ever!" Batman runs off, saying he can get the bomb out over the bay. Catwoman reminds him that Talia has stabbed him. Batman says that he might be bleeding out but he doesn't care, until as he is about to say, "Because I'm Batman!" He then faints. Gordon then goes, "Well poop, I guess this means we're screwed." And the bomb goes off. In Florence, Alfred becomes happy when seeing Bruce Wayne sitting with Selina Kyle; and Clark Kent, who apologises for making Alfred cry. Back at the Superhero Cafe, Superman is completely confused about nobody important dying, even Batman, who got stabbed. Superman asks how is Batman still breathing but try's to walk out of it when Batman says, "Because I'm Batman!"