CHARACTERS (In Order of Appearance)

Gwen Stacy

Stan Lee (cameo)


Richard & Mary Parker

Harry Osborn/Green Goblin

Norman Osborn


Max Dillon/Electro

Peter Parker/Spider-Man




Gwen Stacy gives her graduation speech, which leads to her talking about death, including girlfriends. Stan Lee pops in and mentions it being a spoiler alert.

The assassin sent to kill Richard & Mary Parker in a private jet pops upon them, but finds no one. Meanwhile, Richard and Mary hide in the underground subway train. Mary says she likes it there, and Richard says he agrees until someone throws his calculator. Mary hopes it would be her son.

Harry Osborn sits by his father, Norman's side as he is dying from a disease which he says is genetic. Harry proceeds to say that Norman kept that secret all this time. Norman says that he is growing long fingernails and is shedding skin like a "Goblin". Harry says he's weird, and Norman says he hates Harry but gives him his "life's work".

The Scientists (from "How Spider-Man 3 Should Have Ended") leave for the weekend, deciding not to close the lid on the electric eels tank. One suggests that they do, to which they close the lid. Seconds later, Max Dillon falls on the lid possibly breaking his body.

Harry Osborn confronts Spider-Man about giving him his blood. Spider-Man suggests it will kill him but Harry says that he won't inject a needle into his arm, and that he's got scientists that can make his blood a cure. Harry also says Spider-Man is Peter Parker, and Spider-Man tries to dismiss it. However, Harry says he isn't even "disguising his voice".

Electro shocks Spider-Man at the Oscorp Plant, to which he says he is making dubstep, and should go into the business. Later, Electro, takes Spider-Man's advice, performs at a dubstep concert.

Harry tries to pilot the Goblin Glider but crashes.

Gwen Stacy falls from the clock tower and as Spider-Man catches her with his web, her head hits the pavement, killing her. Peter sobs holding her body. Sometime later, a devastated Peter Parker holds a gun at Batman's head at the Super Cafe. He says he wants Superman to reverse time to save Gwen, like how he saved Lois Lane in Superman (1978), or he will shoot Batman in the head. Superman replies he hasn't done that since the 70's and doesn't want to do it again. Peter threatens to shoot Batman, "the mortal man", and he says his parents died, his uncle died, Gwen, and having saw his Dad at Gwen's grave, saying he doesn't know if anything is real anymore. Superman suggests Spider-Man forgetting about it, and Batman suggests making a comeback as the Rhino is wrecking up the town block. Peter says he doesn't care and that the police will handle it. Meanwhile, the Rhino introduces himself before being shot in the head. Back at the cafe, Peter starts yelling in shock to reverse time. Moments later, Superman finally having reversed time, Gwen is in the Cafe with a masked Spider-Man and says they will move to England. Batman says he knew Superman reversed time because "he's Batman".

A picture of Electro with a birthday cake is at the villain hub, with text reading he finally celebrated his birthday and his dubstep album was platinum. A picture of Harry as the Goblin with the text saying Harry finally cured himself and everything was fine. A picture of Spider-Man with the Avengers and the Guardians of the Galaxy, the text reading, Sony made a deal with Disney and Avengers 3 apparently "Blew Our Minds".