'''''How St. Mary's Should Have Ended''''' is a video about Ludwig Heffley , Jack Russell , Evona Lynch , Emma McFoy go to St. Mary's secondary school 4 of them in class together with Keith Duffy Ludwig , Jack , Evona , Emma cooking Ice Cream and Pizza and then Ludwig Heffley , Jack Russell , Evona Lynch Emma McFoy play outside then they expload a teacher called Mr. William Turn and in the end of the Video Ludwig Heffley goes Home with Ian Jeniferson the taxi driver and Ian drops home Ludwig Heffley in his house the end. Ludwig , Jack , Evona , Emma wear Red Uniform they wear Black Trousers and Brown hair. and Keith Duffy weras grey jumper and blue trousers. How St. Mary;s Should Have Ended coming out September 1, 2016.

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