'''''How St. Brigid's Should Have Ended''''' it's about The Beginnig Ludiwg & Jack decover United States in another dimention Ludwig has 3 Siblings Tiler Heffley , Sinead Heffley , Kailey Heffley and Ludwig's perents Lilly Heffley and Charlie Heffley and Criag McDonald's 3 siblings Andre McDonald , Karina McDonald , Gabia McDonald and Peter Reynold's 3 Siblings Daniel Reynolds . Charlene Reynolds , Lill Reynolds and Conor McCormack's 3 siblings Meric McCormack , Brena McCormack , Bella McCormack and Aaron Hogan's 3 Siblings Martin Hogan , Shouna Hogan , Serah Hogan. '''''How St. Brigid's Should Have Ended''''' coming out September 3, 2016. and Keith Duffy comes to Ludiwg Heffley's house and Kieth says Ludiwg it's good to see you outside.

and on a journey on a mountain 25 people on a journey and they will fight Zombies Guards and Solgers and Armies with Keith Duffy.

Staff Partner: Keith Duffy

  1. Ludwig Heffley

2. Craig McDonald

3. Peter Reynolds

4. Conor McCormack

5. Aaron Hogan

6. Tiler Heffley

7. Kailey Heffley

8. Sinead Heffley

9. Andre McDonald

10. Karina McDonald

11. Gabia McDonald

12. Daniel Reynolds

13. Charlene Reynolds

14. Lill Reynolds

15. Meric McCormack

16. Brena McCormack

17. Bella McCormack

18. Martin Hogan

19. Shouna Hogan

20. Serah Hogan

21. Henry Greta

22. Tina Walsh

23. Jack Russell

24. Evona Lynch

25. Emma McFoy

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