'''''How Killina Should Have Ended''''' is Ludwig Heffley & Jack Russell go to Killina with Craig McDonald , Peter Reynolds , Conor McCormack , Aaron Hogan , Dara McCrown , Charlie Breen go the Killina secondary school and they stay in Ms. Grogan's House Ludwig , Jack , Craig , Peter , Conor , Aaron , Dara , Charlie , play outside in with the black dog called Harry Potter ludwig says to Harry What and Who are you i'm Harry Potter and then Keith Duffy comes from down from the sky and land on Ms. Grogan's home Ludwig Heffley says Keith what are you doing here i came but after that Tuesday 2, 2013 Ludiwg & Jack jo to class with Ian Jeniferson the driver comes in to class and teach Ludwig & Jack History and after school Ludiwg , Jack , Ian Jeniferson goes to the Cinema. and the boys sleep upstairs Ludwig and Jack sleep beside eatchother and then Craig , Peter , Conor , Aaron sleep near Ludwig & Jack and in the Morning Ludiwg , Jack , Craig , Conor , Aaron and Keith fight zombies and Gardas and Solgars. Ludwig & Jack wears black jumper black trousers and Golden soes and that goes for Criag , Peter , Conor , Aaron , Dara McCrown , Charlie Breen wear uniform and in the end Ludwig , Jack , Craig , Peter , Conor , Aaron , Dara McCrown , Charlie Breen and Keith Duffy go on a journey far far away to United States. How Killina Should Have Ended coming out September 2, 2016

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