How Harry Potter Should Have Ended

How Harry Potter Should Have Ended

How Harry Potter Should Have Ended was uploaded on August 18, 2011 by HISHE.


The video starts in Hogwarts during the first year as Dumbledore ensures the children that the school doesn't have any history that may threaten their existence, but starts mentioning the exceptions of a killer snake downstairs, a giant vicious three-headed dog, a tree that can kill you and man sized spiders before he was cut off by Professor McGonagall. Then the candles start to drip all over the children.

Later into the third year after using the Time-Turner, Harry tells Hermione to keep it safe and not lose it, parodying Doc. from Back to the Future. Ron wakes up and asks what is the commotion. Then, the video shows flashbacks of events in chronical order: Peter Pettigrew killing Cedric Diggory, Bellatrix Lestrange killing Sirius Black, Snape killing Dumbledore on the Astronomy Tower, Hedwig killed by a Death Eater, Salazar Slytherin's Locket showing Ron's fear that Hermione would choose Harry over him, Harry crying with Dobby dead in his arms, Nagini attacking Severus Snape, and Harry pointing to the piece of Voldemort's soul in Limbo.

Afterwards, It cuts to Harry and Voldemort's fight at the Battle of Hogwarts where Voldemort vows to kill Harry, but Harry contradicts him due to Voldemort's numerous attempts to kill him, but Voldemort ignores this. After Neville kills Nagini with Godric Gryffindor's sword, Voldemort tries to use the Killing Curse on Harry, but before he could do it, he is shot by Snape with a gun, who survived Nagini's attack earlier, much to Harry's amazement. Snape explains that he started drinking honey badger anti-venom ever since he started hanging around 'that ridiculous snake'. He asks Harry for his Invisibility Cloak and Hermione for her Time-Turner to do one final thing.

Hermione warns Snape he can't come back after he uses the time-turner, and Snape accepts the consequence. The turning process takes all night but after turning it 262,031 times Snape is brought back to the time when Dumbledore first meets Tom Riddle at Wool Orphanage. Snape kills the young Tom Riddle and removes his body, much to Dumbledore's shock. Snape explains to Dumbledore that he just saved his life from his destined demise, along with countless others who died in the original timeline.

In the alternate present, Dumbledore introduces Gandalf the Grey as the new Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher. Gandalf yells, "You shall not pass!" before classes began.