A squirrel appears at the window of Max and Emmy's playroom and both make the same comment on it at the same time. Emmy declares that Max is jinxed, and he can't talk until someone says his name, so Max has a clever idea. He grabs the dragon scale and has Emmy grab on and recite the rhyme to go to Dragon Land. Of course, when they get there, their presence is immediately announced by name. They decide to play a game and end up going with Emmy's choice of "Follow the Leader." Emmy's game is difficult for Max though and though the Dragon friends try to get Emmy to make things easier (after all, easier rhymes with "Wheezier"), she won't, saying that it won't be any fun if it's easy. Then, Emmy is kidnapped by Pooky the Troll from Towering Troll Village, who tries to make Emmy play in her dollhouse. Pretty soon, Pooky wants to play "Follow the Leader," and Emmy finds herself uttering the familiar lament that it's "too hard." who then runs away from Pooky and sets her friends free from Pooky's dollhouse until Pooky has come back, "Let's play some more, Emmy. We can play with your friends, too." Pooky explained "Too, late, Pooky! Max and I brought the dragon scale" Emmy replied. So Emmy decide to make a wish "to brake Pooky's playful spells" which transforms Pooky the Troll into a pet kitten and her dollhouse into a trumpet. Emmy has defeated Pooky and had new cat for a pet and Max had a new trumpet to play some music. Then Emmy, Max and their friends have to escape before the Towering Village disappeared. Then Emmy decides to play "Follow the Leader" again and this time Max wants to the leader and plays in the leaves. Emmy and Max went back home and bringing the cat and the trumpet with them. They named Pooky in her kitten form, "Jinx".