"I'm losing it! She was my everything!"

- Peter Parker about how much he misses Gwen

She was first seen trying to not fall off a building and screamed for help, to her dad's wonder. Stan Lee angrily told him her daughter was trying not to fall to her death and that he should try to show some concern. T Later, he promised her father that he wouldn't see Gwen anymore to make sure she's safe. At class, she said "Don't make promises you can't keep.'' Peter then said that's the best promises you can do, much to Gwen's anger. Peter said he was just trying to be sweet to his girlfriend and she might get over it. Batman said he made her suffer alone with her father's death. Spiderman then nervously questions if she'll get over it. Later, at a graduaton, she says everyone will lose someone important in their lives and that's okay because they're graduating. But one day, everyone's gonna die and not be there, even women. Stan Lee was angry and said she gave a spoiler. She was kissing Peter when she asked him what's he's thinking about to which he said "You're dad. Later, she fell. Peter AKA Spiderman pulled out a web. The web caught her but she died anyway. Peter cried over Gwen's body. Peter forced Superman to reverse time so she can be alive again. Gwen said they're moving to London and Spiderman and her had an embrace.


how spider man 3 should have ended

How the amazing spider man 2 should have ended

how the amazing spider 2 should have ended bonus

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