"No, that's not what-"

-Ellie's last words

She was 1st seen looking around Jurassic Park. Later, she tried to cover a door so the dinosaur can't go in. She said if anyone that wasn't doing anything to reach the gun, they could just shoot it. She said the dinosaur was clever after learning to speak just by watching them. She said that rebooting the system won't matter. When the dinosaur went away, she wondered where it's going. Later, she ran to Alan, her boyfriend and asked what they should do. Then the dinosaur returned with weapons and she ducked with Alan. Later, she was shocked to find out that Ray was alive and she thought he was dead because an arm that looked like his fell on her. Then Ray angrily said that just because an arm that looked like his doesn't mean that he's dead. Then, Ellie said that was not what she meant but she never finished the sentence because then a T-Rex destroyed the entire building and started killing the survivors one by one. Unfortunately, Lex and Ray started running away in her direction causing the T- Rex to follow. She tried to stop him, but was killed when he ate her. She was the 3rd survivor to die {in the Hishe short}. Alan was also killed shortly because to kill Ellie, the T-Rex had to step on him.


How Jurassic Park should have ended

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