HISHE Comics

HISHE Comics are comics on the How It Should Have Ended website. Daniel draws them all. He has recently taken up a zombie series that has consumed all his comic efforts.

First Comics

Daniel's first comic was a black and white "sketch" of his dog from around 05-06.

They seem to be in no particular order except for some short mini arcs. The arcs include  the "Huge Sack" Arc; the "Vacation" Arc (all about Kiddo); the "Date" Arc (which actually was three, out of order comics); the "Fitness Test" Arc, and the "PC" Arc which led to the "Jeeptimus" Arc.

First comic by Daniel


Daniel's last "comic" was from '08 and was called "Bat-Dan".

Zombie Comic

Zombie Comic was started in '08 and the setting started at Karl's house. It is apparently on hiatus as the last comic was made in 2012.