She was first seen at the parade. Later, at the games, she told the district 4 male to die and killed him. Later, she screamed when the district 9 machine came and was fired on the ground killing 21 tributes, including her. Later, she tried to kill Katneiss but she was in the tree. She agreed she should camp out and no one should get the upper hand and kill the others. Later, she was hunting in the woods when Marvel found a warning to not look or it gets you. Then she screamed when she saw the slender man in the distance. She escaped and ran away. Later, she tried to kill the Slender Man but bumped into him and screamed. She was killed by the Slender Man. Her placing in the games is 6th. Later, it is shown that the Hunger Games is shown on the Lego Universe because on a computer screen she was seen looking at the note and running away after seeing the Slender Man.


how the hunger games should have ended

hunger games bonus

the slender games

Lego Batman is jelly[computer screen]

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