He was first seen in the parade. He was next seen killing the District 10 female. later, the district 9 machine came and everyone screamed but was killed when it shot the ground. Later, he tried to kill Katneiss and agreed to camp out and won't take the upper hand and kill all the others. Later, he was hunting when Marvel showed everyone a note that said they'll get killed if they looked. Cato then said it must be a prank until he saw the slender man and screamed. He escaped and questioned who it was. Later, he was crying and asked who keeps banging a drum and spots the slender man and screamed. He was killed by the Slender Man. Later, Katneiss shot him in the arm and as he screamed in pain and fell off the Cornucopia and got eaten by the wolves and scream even more. He has 2 placings. His 2nd death he placed 4th. His third death he placed 3rd. It was shown that the Hunger Games also exists in the Lego universe. He is in a computer screen with him staring at the note and escaping the Slender Man.


how the hunger games should have ended

hunger games bonus

the slender games

lego batman is jelly [computer screen]

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