He was a droid built by Anakin Skywalker.  When the Imperials got in the rebel ship, he panicked and watched in horror as R2-D2 ran away to fight and told him to come back. He and R2 ran past a hallway and dodged Stormtrooper shots. He and R2 were killed trying to escape in an escape pod. Later, they are alive again. On tatooine, they watched Obi Wan Kenobi examining blast points. Watching the battle of Yavin, he was horrified to see the Death Star was in range. He was killed again when the Death Star blew up the rebel base. He was yet alive again. He was next seen celebrating their victory. Later, he tried to fix R2 and was overjoyed when BB-8 fixed him. Then he chased after him when R2 when off telling him to finnd "Master Luke." He was next seen in a rebel meeting. HE was next seen in another rebel meeting. he was next seen celebrating after Starkiller Base exploded. he was last eating lunch with other rebels. 


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