"Are you kidding with this place?"

-Grant's last words

He was seen looking at Jurassic Park. He said he had to lock the door and tried to keep the door locked. He resized that the dinosaurs has learned to speak by watching them. He said if the dino leaped through the window, he'd shoot her with the shotgun. He realizes the dinosaur had learned a future language and there was nothing they can do because they're very dangerous . He knew because he dug their bones. When the dinosaur came with weapons, he told everyone to duck. But the dionsaur was killed by Ray Arnold. They all was shocked because they thought he was dead and watched Ellie and Ray fight.. But then a T-Rex destroyed the building. He angrily asks if they are kidding him. The T-Rex made him fall. He tried to get back up but quickly got down when the T-Rex came back. Then the T-Rex crushed him to death to kill his girlfriend, Ellie. He was the 4th survivor to die.


how jurassic park should have ended

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